Episode 394 – Turn Your Attention to Christ

People along with the priest worshiping in the church

Going through life we learn that where we look will guide our attention. If we want our life to follow Christ, then we must turn our attention to Christ. It requires courage and faith to not be distracted by the temptations of the world. Transcript: My brothers and sisters, in this morning’s gospel, we hear…

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Seek the Kingdom

Inside View Of A Church With Jesus Christ Idol

Christ is Risen! When we think of our resources and income, we think about investing for the future. We think about vacations in the Alps. We think about leaving a legacy for our children. It is well known that most Americans live ‘paycheck to paycheck’ thinking only about getting through today. The two concepts, focusing…

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Orthodox Bucket List

Whats On Your Bucket list Written On Front OF A Notebook

Christ is Risen! The other day I saw a meme about aging. It said something to the effect of, “With age every day becomes more urgent to get right with God.” I laughed, because today we normally associate fewer days ‘left’ in life as fewer days to have fun. We are encouraged to have bucket…

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Don’t Stop Sharing the Good News

A statue of an angel blowing a trumpet

Christ is Risen! There is an old saying. Don’t talk about politics or religion in polite conversation. You may want to keep the peace among friends, but there is a negative impact on taking this advice. First, you’ll never know what your friends believe. Second, you’ll never preach Christ raised from the dead. Neither is…

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A Fasting Refresher

A Bowl Full Of Food With Decoration On It

Christ is Risen! Today the Greek Orthodox Church returns to what I would call a ‘normal fasting’ schedule. From now until Holy Pentecost we will return to fasting every Wednesday and Friday. So, I thought it would be a good day to have a refresher about fasting. Refresher One: One thing is clear. Fasting is…

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Episode 393 –  See and Believe!

People along with the priest worshiping in the church

After Christ was raised from the dead He appeared to the Apostles. Since Thomas wasn’t present, he did not believe the witness of his fellow Apostles. Eight days later when Christ appeared to them again, this time with Thomas to see for himself. This time he believed. Christ gave to His Apostles everything they needed…

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God, Miracles, and Faith

Miracle just ahead, printed on a board

Christ is Risen We’ve all done it. We sit quietly, sometimes loudly, in front of our icon or in the Church, begging God for a miracle. Occasionally miracles come, but mostly they don’t. Sometimes our faith is shaken. Sometimes our faith is strengthened. Sometimes we even flock to someone who is ‘known for’ performing miracles.…

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God Won’t be Kept Down

A sunrise

Christ is Risen! In more than one way, life can seem to be a rollercoaster of great joy and great depression. Economically our finances grow and decrease. Physically we grow strong only to eventually get weak and frail. Even spiritually we have our ups and downs. This week, because of Pascha, we are having a…

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Born from Above

Two hands together holding a small baby

Christ is Risen! “How can a man be born when he is old?” This was the response of Nikodemos when Jesus spoke of a new life in Christ. Unfortunately for Nikomdemos, he could only think in earthly terms. Christ was speaking in spiritual terms. Unless we learn to listen in spiritual terms we will never…

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Belief Changes a Person

Changes Ahead, Written On A Road With Sun In The Sky

Christ is Risen! They say seeing is believing. They are correct, but if we don’t actually see with our eyes, can we still believe? As they Apostles began to preach about the risen Christ, one message was consistent. Jesus who was crucified was God. Seeing Him after the resurrection allowed the Apostles to belief without…

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