Light Over Darkness

A sunrise

Growing up in Colorado I used to go camping in the mountains. On many occasions we found ourselves sleeping under the stars. There are not so many examples of God’s beauty than the night sky when you are away from the city lights. It is most special during the New Moon when the only light…

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Unqualified Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving Day in America. It is supposed to be a day to give thanks to God for our blessings. It was created by the government to help our nation focus on what really matters. Everything we have is from God, and we should be thankful. The only problem is our thanks tend to…

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Condescension VS Enabling

I hear it all the time. We’ve got to get down to their level! We say this with all good intentions. We want nothing more than everyone to embrace the Orthodox Faith. It can be frustrating when we are surrounded by people who do not desire what we desire. So, we think it helps to…

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Dating and Marriage

Two rings on top of a book

When it comes to matters of the heart, many of us ignore the Church. We think, wrongly, that who we date is of no consequence. Then one morning we awake in love with someone the Church says we cannot marry. Instead of accepting that we may have fallen in love with the wrong person, we…

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Reconciliation to God

A man approaching a cross during sunrise

It is dangerously easy to think of God as angry and judgmental. He is our Father and we constantly disobey Him and disappoint Him. He is the Creator and we are not known for taking very good care of His creation. He is the lover of truth. We are not. Brethren, Christ died for all,…

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No Harm in Forgiveness

The road to victory

It is no secret that every relationship has struggle. We hurt each other, normally unintentionally. We say hurtful words. We sometimes get into patterns of anger that hinder us from reconciliation. We think, wrongly, that if we forgive each other, we will be the loser in the argument. Brethren, my joy is the joy of…

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Sent by God but Commissioned by the Church

A page description from the Bible

We are taught to read the Holy Scriptures as God speaking directly to our hearts, and we should. What makes this difficult, and at times spiritually dangerous, is when we read into what we hear. When we hear about God speaking directly to the Saints, we think He also speaks directly to us. If God…

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Don’t Wait to Give

A bundle of 100 dollars on a table

November traditionally is stewardship season in many Churches. It is that special time of year when we are asked to consider our stewardship commitment to our church for the next year. In some cases, still, churches expect certain dollar amounts. In other cases, churches have accepted a completely open expectation for faithful to commit what…

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Reap what you sow

Many people in America lately speak about ‘keeping their faith to themselves’ for fear of retribution or social exclusion. We live in constant fear that our faith will be used against us. This fear is well founded considering the nightly news. It might be well founded but it leads to isolation. Brethren, he who sows…

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A beautiful sunset from the coast

It is no secret that our world is filled with, and often overtaken by, darkness. With the recent time change, the topic of light and darkness is easy to imagine. As the sun sets, now ‘suddenly’ an hour earlier, it is easy to lose our awareness of time. No, it isn’t midnight (as a famous…

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