Storms of Faith

A Thunderstorm hitting the water of oceans

It doesn’t matter where you live. Storms are a regular part of everyone’s life. It might be blizzards in the north, hurricanes in the south, even sandstorms in the desert. All human life is plagued with storms that cannot be avoided. When it comes to faith, storms are as real as a hurricane in Florida.…

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Historical Perspective

History written On A Paper With Teared Brown Sheet Upon It

If you grew up in the Church and attended Sunday school, chances are pretty good that you were told we were the Church that never changes. You were told that every time someone came up with a teaching that was wrong, the entire Church came to an agreement through divine inspiration. You may not want…

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There are no Free Agents in the Church

It is not uniquely American, but very prevalent in American Christianity. It is a symptom of what is called non-denominationalism. It has become popular for anyone who wishes to establish a church and name himself or herself pastor. This was not always the case, nor should it be. In those days, Barnabas and Saul returned…

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A Church for All

As Orthodox Christians we proclaim to know and follow the true faith of Christ as given to the Holy Apostles. The faith that was kept by the Holy Fathers. The faith that, for many of us, was chosen for us by our parents and grandparents. The faith that has established the universe. Yet, still so…

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Miracles for a Purpose

Miracle just ahead, printed on a board

Christ is Risen! Our society spends countless dollars on healthcare. We pride ourselves on a system that has the capacity to heal just about any illness that affects us, save a few. It is no wonder then that when a member of our family approaches death, we become frantic that ‘something’ must be done. We…

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God Does not Play Chess

Christ is Risen! I hear it all the time. “God sent him to me for a reason.” Another one is, “God brought us together for a reason.” I will admit that I am not fond of this expression. To me, it sounds like God is plucking someone up from one location and placing him down…

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Genuine Repentance

Christ is Risen! It has been a long-time source of frustration for me. I watch from a distance on TV news. Politicians along with their respective detractors accusing each other of being fake. Policies change with the wind for the sake of garnering votes. Statements are retracted after receiving ‘bad press’ only to be reworded…

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Being Taught

Christ is Risen! As you can imagine I regularly meet individuals who express a desire to become Orthodox. Sometimes they have never been baptized. Other times they are fleeing from one ‘version’ of Christianity or another. Sometimes even, as was likely the case in the ancient world, some want to be Orthodox because it comes…

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Kindle the Flame of Pascha

Candles lighting

Christ is Risen! As we begin the third week of Pascha, and the excitement begins to fade, we search for ways to keep the flame from going out. It wasn’t too long ago that we endured winds and rain to bring the light home from Church and bless our house. Now, it’s easy to forget…

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Seek the Kingdom

Inside View Of A Church With Jesus Christ Idol

Christ is Risen! When we think of our resources and income, we think about investing for the future. We think about vacations in the Alps. We think about leaving a legacy for our children. It is well known that most Americans live ‘paycheck to paycheck’ thinking only about getting through today. The two concepts, focusing…

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