Love is Interactive

Human beings are created in the image of God, a community of love. That means, in order to be truly human, we must be a community of love. Love cannot exist in isolation. We need someone to love, and someone needs to love us. Love requires a reciprocal relationship. When love is turned within toward…

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Choosing Comfort over God

We live in the most advanced, wealthiest, and most would say the most comfortable nation in the world. It is often said the poorest of the poor in America and better off than in most other countries. Our nation has been blessed, there is no doubt. Living in such a comfortable society has its advantages…

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Keep Your Head Down

There are days when one wonders if “it” is worth the effort. Around every corner is someone who feels threatened by the success of others. Our peers seem to spend more time competing against us rather than cheering us on to victory. Just when you want to throw in the towel and ‘just keep your…

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Be Watchful

A girl and the sunrise

You never know what tomorrow brings. This was the case played out this past week in our host parish of Tarpon Springs. One day Hurricane Ian was headed straight for us, and the next we were safe while others took cover. Living in Florida I have come to terms with ‘leaving it all behind’ every…

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Frustrated Enemy

Christian Cross icon and the sunset

For all the talk about enduring suffering and have the courage to stand up for what we believe, we cannot hide that our enemy never retreats. Our enemy isn’t our neighbor nor our coworker. Our enemy is the devil and he get very frustrated when we stand for the truth. Today the Church commemorates the…

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Do YOU Want Eternal Life?

Candles lighting

When Jesus was asked, “What good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life?” He responded by saying, “If you want to enter into life, keep the commandments.” (Matthew 19.16-17) After listing all the commandments the rich man chose to push the issue further by saying, “All these things I have kept from…

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Episode 375 – Let Go of the Past

Rev. Fr. Athanasios Haros

As we learn in the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (Matthew 18.23-35), God’s first position is to forgive the debt of our sin. We owe Him so much that we could never live long enough to repay Him. He still forgives, but there is a catch. He will only forgive us if we forgive others…

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Life Isn’t a Game

Play zone

When we were children we played games like hide-and-seek. The “seeker” would count to ten and call out “ready or not, here I come” and then rush out to find those who were hiding. Once the “seeker” reached “10” there was no chance if we had not found a place to hide. Our best chance…

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