Heaven is for You

A beautiful praying area with pictures of Jesus

As humans we are so preoccupied with getting into heaven, we forget that we can’t ‘do anything’ to get in. We can only prepare ourselves to accept what God has already done for us in the first place. A life of prayer, fasting and taking care of the poor isn’t about getting ‘in’, it is…

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Candles lighting

What if I were to tell you I believed in predestination? Would you call me a heretic? Would you say I have abandoned the ancient faith? Maybe you would say I finally fell over the sola scriptura cliff. Of course, none of these accusations would be true. The truth would be that we are required…

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Episode 403 – The Price of Heaven

People along with the priest worshiping in the church

We check the price of everything before we choose to invest our time and money. The same thing goes for heaven. We want to know how much it will cost for us to get to heaven. In the Gospel of Matthew 19.16-26 we hear that wealth stopped a rich man from following Christ into heaven.…

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What is Heaven Worth to You?

A picture of dollars

Around every corner we are faced with making a choice. We are required to value products in the store, tickets to special events, even political campaigns. If we think something is ‘worth it’ we are willing to spend any amount of money. If something is really worth it to us, we will even spend our…

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You Can’t Read Your Way into Heaven

Shelves filled with books

We are a highly educated society. Literacy rates are higher today than ever in the history of the world. Bibles are printed daily and sit, even if collecting dust, on almost every bookshelf in America. We love to read, and we love to learn. There is only one problem. We can’t read our way into…

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I Prefer Christ

Inside View Of A Church With Jesus Christ Idol

Drive through any American city and read the signs in front of Churches. You will find that many of the signs focus on the benefit of being a Christian. Want a better life? Join a Church. Want to find peace after suffering trauma? Join a Church. Want to have healing from your addiction? Join a…

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You Are In the Father

The Pinnacle Church

Yesterday the Church celebrated the Feast of Ascension, the day which commemorates Christ’s glorious return to His Throne in Heaven. Here’s the deal that most Christians do not consider. If we are baptized into Christ, and become united to Christ, then we too are on the Throne of God with Christ. It doesn’t mean that…

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Orthodox Bucket List

Whats On Your Bucket list Written On Front OF A Notebook

Christ is Risen! The other day I saw a meme about aging. It said something to the effect of, “With age every day becomes more urgent to get right with God.” I laughed, because today we normally associate fewer days ‘left’ in life as fewer days to have fun. We are encouraged to have bucket…

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