Lightning Strikes

Growing up in Colorado, it was a normal summer experience to watch storms in the distance. They were brilliant displays of light I could watch for hours. Then suddenly, the storm was above our heads, and we ran for shelter. In the Great Plains, storms tend to shift without notice. You never know when you…

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Episode 409 – The Time is Now

People along with the priest worshiping in the church

When we die, we will find ourselves in one of two situations. We will be in the presence of God in either situation. We will either experience His presence as comfort or torment. We will experience God’s presence either has heaven or hell. The choice will be ours, but the choice must be made now,…

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God Chooses Who He Saves

I must admit it can be difficult accepting the truth that God can save whomever He wishes. He created us and He can save us if He desires. So long as that includes you and me, we are happy. When it includes ‘that guy over there’ we are not so understanding. Doesn’t God know how…

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Cheating Death

With the war in Israel on everyone’s minds these past few days, many are wondering why God allows such violence. If God is all powerful, He could (and should) stop such horrific events from taking place. Since God doesn’t stop all violence, then we must accept there is a different perspective through which we should…

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Judge Yourself

A judge using their gavel

I hear it all the time. Don’t judge! Under most circumstances I hear this as a defense of someone’s behavior. We cling to God’s warning against judgment not for salvation sake, but for our self-interest. We think if we are not judged by those around us, then our behavior is given the ‘green light’ to…

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Ignorance or Indifference

A Girl Shouting With Fingers In Hand

When we are toddlers, our parents are charged with teaching us right from wrong. The degree of right and wrong changes as we grow in maturity. What is cute for a toddler is eventually wrong for a teenager, etc. When we are little, our poor behavior can be ignored simply because we don’t know better.…

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Darkness Breeds Evil

Beautiful wallpaper of a vintage clock

When I was growing up, I used to hear the expression, “Nothing good ever happens after midnight.” As a teenager I didn’t agree. I would imagine the freedom of hanging out late at night without anyone watching. I imagined we could do anything we wanted without fear of being caught. What I didn’t understand was…

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We’ve Been Warned

The funny thing about prophecy is that the people who hear in live time rarely understand it. It is only AFTER something takes place, looking back at the prophecy, that we understand what God was trying to tell us. There are also times when prophecy is repeated for another generation. Sometimes, we read old prophecies…

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