Run to the Light

A man approaching a cross during sunrise

There was a study of the healing power of light in which it was discovered that patients who were positioned near windows healed faster than patients away from natural sources of light. What is true about light in our physical health is also true in our spiritual health. The Lord said to his disciples: “God…

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Episode 425 – Compassion from God

People along with the priest worshiping in the church

One of the daily prayers of the Church begs for God’s compassion. We can only beg for His compassion when we have faith in the power and love of God. God has shown us everything we need to understand His power to save us and to have compassion on us. Now that we have experienced…

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Look within instead around

We are still recovering from the exhaustion and joy of Pascha. Between the lack of sleep during Holy Week and the weeks of fasting, our bodies need to recover. That much we all share during Pascha. We also share the bad habit of looking at how others prepared and celebrate. We may even have judged…

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Christ is Risen – Truly He is Risen!

Inside View Of A Church With Jesus Christ Idol

Today is a New Day. The day of Pascha is the ‘Day of Days’ and ‘Feast of Feasts’ on which the entire world rejoices! The fast has come to an end. The ‘extra-long’ services have finished. The Church, and our life, is no longer in darkness, but shining with the Light of the Risen Lord.…

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Still True

A cross sign in the middle of a sunset

Today is the Feast of Apodosis of Pascha. It is the final day of celebration of the Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ. It is the last day to say and sing Christ is Risen! By the end of today, we will have to wait until May 5, 2024, to sing…

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Kindle the Flame of Pascha

Candles lighting

Christ is Risen! As we begin the third week of Pascha, and the excitement begins to fade, we search for ways to keep the flame from going out. It wasn’t too long ago that we endured winds and rain to bring the light home from Church and bless our house. Now, it’s easy to forget…

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The Work Never Ends

Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen! We have celebrated Pascha and our bodies are worn out. We are tired from the late hours of services and celebrations. You might be on a spiritual ‘high’ right now and are wondering what to do next. Suddenly you feel like you ‘miss’ going to Church every day.…

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