2023 Daily Lenten Journey – Day 6

A golden abstract artwork of the Jesus

By now, if you’re like the typical Orthodox Christian, you attended at least one ‘extra’ service this week for Great Lent. Churches throughout the world this week had people attending services they may not have ever attended. At least, they haven’t attended the ‘extra’ service since last year. You may be surprised to know the…

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Choosing Comfort over God

Two signboards of different colors

We live in the most advanced, wealthiest, and most would say the most comfortable nation in the world. It is often said the poorest of the poor in America and better off than in most other countries. Our nation has been blessed, there is no doubt. Living in such a comfortable society has its advantages…

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Armor is for Battle

A metal helmet kept on a ground

A dangerous trend exists among many Christians, too many. Many mistakenly think that if we believe in Jesus Christ as God, then we will forever be comforted. The so-called ‘prosperity gospel’ goes so far as to suggest that God wants all believers to be rich. Rich or poor, the idea that Christians don’t have to…

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Count the Cost

A bundle of 100 dollars on a table

Our society is infatuated with debt. We borrow money to purchase ‘what we want, when we want it’ no matter how much it costs. With Christmas still on our minds, many are dreading the coming credit card bill to discover just how much they spent this year on the holidays. Many will never know. They…

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Christian Progress

The word Progress written on the blackboard

Politicians enjoy throwing around the term ‘progressive’ as a banner of respect. I always find myself asking, “What are they progressing towards?” Progress implies a goal. Don’t skip today’s post. It isn’t about politics. It is about progress, but not the sort that politicians praise. Christian progress is moving toward God. Christian progress won’t get…

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Just Hold on and Climb!

A group of men raising their hands together in the air

I believe it is part of the ‘fallen’ human condition. Generally speaking, we do not like to take blame for our shortcomings, let alone our mistakes. Take any young child caught eating something forbidden. With total confidence in the ‘blame,’ a typical child with either blame the dog, claim that what was eaten was not…

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Holy Prayers

St Efthimios Monastery Jerusalem

I have written before against what I refer to as “spontaneous” prayer. This is the prayer which we offer without preparation or without thought. Whatever comes to our mind, we offer it to God. These prayers ‘tend’ toward selfishness. It isn’t about of malice, but because our fallen human nature. This is why I always…

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Will it Ever Stop?

A beautiful view of the mountains

If you have ever felt shame for your behavior, then you understand today’s blog. It seems like no matter how often you try; you just keep falling to the same temptations. Will the temptations ever stop? Will I ever be strong enough to fight? Will God keep forgiving me? Brethren, we do not want you…

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