Beware of False Prophets

Living in a society in which truth has become relative has surely made life difficult. It seems we can no longer dare to assert any truth as universal without universal endorsement. Expressions like ‘your truth is your truth’ are only exasperated by sayings like, ‘we’ll just agree to disagree’. If we buy into the notion…

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We’ve Been Warned

The funny thing about prophecy is that the people who hear in live time rarely understand it. It is only AFTER something takes place, looking back at the prophecy, that we understand what God was trying to tell us. There are also times when prophecy is repeated for another generation. Sometimes, we read old prophecies…

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Voice of Prophecy

If I were to begin today’s blog by telling you horrible things would happen if you do not repent, you would think I had gone off my rocker. This is because, first and foremost, I am not a prophet. Second, we don’t often hear from prophets in modern times. The voice of prophets seems to…

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Be a child of faith, not a check box

children putting hands on each other shoulder

We all know that living the Orthodox Christian lifestyle is difficult. I won’t say it can be difficult. I will say it is difficult, if done properly. Between prayer schedules, fasting schedules, bible reading schedules, and services schedules, and not to mention the intricate system of sacraments and blessings, we have inherited a very complex…

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Frustrated Enemy

Christian Cross icon and the sunset

For all the talk about enduring suffering and have the courage to stand up for what we believe, we cannot hide that our enemy never retreats. Our enemy isn’t our neighbor nor our coworker. Our enemy is the devil and he get very frustrated when we stand for the truth. Today the Church commemorates the…

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