Tombs and Monuments

Church of Saint George

We live in a society of monuments. In fact, those same monuments have been the focus of many protests in the past couple years. Statues have been destroyed, plaques commemorating past civic leaders have been removed, and tombs have been desecrated. That is a normal part of human history. Generation after generation builds and destroys…

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Zero to One Hundred in a Lifetime

I remember when I was young and ‘cared’ about cars much more than I do now. It seemed like every conversation about a car included “How fast is it?” Even in commercials the answer was in terms of zero to sixty. How fast could the car get up to speed in other words. It might…

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Household of Faith

It can be difficult to understand our faith is not an individual faith but a family faith. Living in America can make leaving individualism behind a bit difficult. We are trained from a young age to stand on our own, believe on our own, act on our own. This is obvious even in Protestant baptism,…

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The Power of Hospitality

Family is ready to have feast

Greeks are known for their hospitality. I don’t mean that every Greek works in the ‘hospitality industry’ although many immigrants do own restaurants. I mean that Greeks are known for showing hospitality even to strangers. The news was filled recently with stories of Greeks rescuing refugees in boats and rafts to feed cloth and shelter…

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Loyalty is Everything

All hands united together

Today’s society has nearly perfected the idea of networking. Businesses have networking lunches. Even Church conferences spend time focusing on networking. There is a reason for the saying, “It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know.” The best networking rests on loyalty. Loyal customers bring loyal friends who become loyal customers. As part of…

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Looking for Faith

A man is praying to god

Today is the Feast of Saint Phanourios, the Great Martyr. It has become tradition to pray to him when we have lost something, so that he may help us find it again. This doesn’t make him magic. It does make him special. Sometimes all it takes is a little faith. I want to share a…

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Worth the Suffering

skeletons of dead bodies

It is human nature to look on someone who is suffering for a cause and think, “WOW! That person really believes in something. That person is even willing to die for it.” We’ve all witnessed such belief. We’ve seen people chained to trees, laying down in front of bulldozers, and even imprisoned for the sake…

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I remember when I was younger, the trend among Christians was the phrase, “WWJD”. We wore it on t-shirts and bracelets. For a few years, everywhere you looked you could read WWJD. What Would Jesus Do. I don’t see it around so much anymore, but the challenge still holds true for me. Brethren, have this…

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Comfort in Struggle

Candles lighting

We’ve been focusing on the saints this year as much as possible in our daily blog. The reason is twofold. First, we learn of the great sacrifices they offered to protect the faith for us to have today. The second, much more nuanced, is the courage and comfort it offers to us in our daily…

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Become a Modern Confessor

The Church speaks often about the importance of Holy Confession. You read it here as much as any topic we discuss. Did you know that a ‘Confessor’ has nothing to do with the sacraments of Holy Confession? It is a ‘title’ given to certain saints of the Church, and you may not know what it…

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