A Closed Loop Opens

Here we are at the beginning of another Lectionary Cycle of the Church. One thing that strikes me every year is how quickly my mind returns to Holy Week as I am reading the Scriptures. While the Book of Acts looks forward to the new developing Church, the Gospel of John returns to the beginning.…

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The Awesome God

As human beings we are constantly surrounded by examples of power and authority. Just turn on the TV for any brief moment and you will find countless examples of earthly power. Politicians and celebrities are all vying for your attention. The one thing missing in every example of earthly authority is lasting power. Every example…

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Automatic Christianity

I just don’t get it. Why is it I meet so many people that think ‘just because’ they were baptized that means they are Christians and will be saved. It is as if baptism is some sort of magic pill that guarantees entrance to heaven. Others think, “I believe in Jesus. That’s enough.” Then there…

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Christmas Has Begun

A praying area with candles at a church

The Church has a wonderful tradition of ramping up a celebration ‘in anticipation’ of a feast. This tradition is called the Forefeast, and begins to offer hymns and readings that reflect the coming feast. The greater the feast, the greater the forefeast. In the case of Christmas the Forefeast began on December 20th, but we’ve…

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Episode 411 – Desire to be with God

People along with the priest worshiping in the church

When God invites you, He wants you to attend by choice. He won’t force us to attend Church. His desire is that we want to be with Him in Church and in Heaven. Attending Church is not about checking off a box of obligation. We can ‘find time’ for anything we desire. God invites us…

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Stand in front of God

You may not know that I have two ruptured discs in my back and a ‘bit’ of arthritis in my knee. I know how difficult it can be to stand for services in the Church. I know how difficult it can be to concentrate on the words of Liturgy when you’re in pain. Nonetheless, the…

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Christian Relationships

Long before you and I were born God said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” (Genesis 2.18) He wasn’t talking about needing someone for housework or to work the fields. He was talking about our salvation. Since we are created in the image of God, Who is a community of love in…

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Order VS Chaos

I hear it often. The Orthodox Church is accused of worrying more about ritual than ‘The Word’ when it comes to worship. True, our Liturgy is filled with ritual elements. The same can be said for our protestant brothers and sisters who indict us. Just because something has ritual doesn’t mean it isn’t based on…

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Motives for Change

Changes Ahead, Written On A Road With Sun In The Sky

Humanity has benefited a great deal from innovation. In just about every sector of life, innovation has improved upon what was before. Medical, scientific, technological, and even food production have all been improved by innovation. There is one place, though, where innovation is not necessarily making things better. Religious and moral innovation has continually brought…

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