Lightning Strikes

Growing up in Colorado, it was a normal summer experience to watch storms in the distance. They were brilliant displays of light I could watch for hours. Then suddenly, the storm was above our heads, and we ran for shelter. In the Great Plains, storms tend to shift without notice. You never know when you…

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Come to Jesus

It doesn’t matter how much we struggle. Our hearts are drawn to Christ. It doesn’t matter how little recognize God. His love still penetrates our heart. The only thing that stands between us and spiritual healing is us. At that time, Jesus came to the other side of the sea, to the country of the…

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Everything is Forgiven

Forgiveness engraved on wet sand

One day I was speaking with someone who was very angry with God. His life had taken some very painful turns. Some of the turns were his fault, but others were ‘just’ circumstances of life. He felt that God wasn’t there for him. He didn’t want to go to Church. He didn’t want to pray.…

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Reconciliation to God

A man approaching a cross during sunrise

It is dangerously easy to think of God as angry and judgmental. He is our Father and we constantly disobey Him and disappoint Him. He is the Creator and we are not known for taking very good care of His creation. He is the lover of truth. We are not. Brethren, Christ died for all,…

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No Harm in Forgiveness

The road to victory

It is no secret that every relationship has struggle. We hurt each other, normally unintentionally. We say hurtful words. We sometimes get into patterns of anger that hinder us from reconciliation. We think, wrongly, that if we forgive each other, we will be the loser in the argument. Brethren, my joy is the joy of…

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Standing Up as Christians

Neon sign for Standup

The idea of ‘standing up’ for what we believe has become synonymous with the idea of protest. If we don’t like what someone is saying or doing, we protest. As Americans we have been protesting since the first days of our nation. In that, nothing has changed. What has changed is what we are willing…

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Orthodox Bucket List

Whats On Your Bucket list Written On Front OF A Notebook

Christ is Risen! The other day I saw a meme about aging. It said something to the effect of, “With age every day becomes more urgent to get right with God.” I laughed, because today we normally associate fewer days ‘left’ in life as fewer days to have fun. We are encouraged to have bucket…

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2023 Daily Lenten Journey – Day 24

A golden abstract artwork of the Jesus

Many do not know the original practice of Holy Confession was public in the Church. That meant that people would publicly admit to each other their sins. This was important because of our union in the Church. When we sin, we bring sin into the body of the Church. Of course, pretty quickly this practice…

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