Condescension VS Enabling

I hear it all the time. We’ve got to get down to their level! We say this with all good intentions. We want nothing more than everyone to embrace the Orthodox Faith. It can be frustrating when we are surrounded by people who do not desire what we desire. So, we think it helps to…

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The Blood of Christ

Among the differences between Christians is the understanding of salvation. Some believe ‘once saved always saved’. Others believe that salvation is by grace alone. Still others believe that salvation must be earned. One thing is consistent. Salvation requires the Blood of Christ, but we can’t seem to agree on what that means. Brethren, we have…

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Together we are Stronger

Together we are stronger sign

Intuitively we know this to be true. You remember from school, don’t you. It is easy to break one stick. It is nearly impossible to break a bundle of sticks. One lone column cannot hold up a wall, but dozens together can hold up buildings. What is true with sticks is true with people. Nothing…

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Black WWMD text on a red background

I’m sure you remember the fad in the 90’s when just about everyone was asking, “WWJD – What Would Jesus Do?” We wore the four letters on bracelets, around our neck, even had them printed on t-shirts. It was supposed to inspire us to live like Christ. Like so many fads, it faded. I have…

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Healing is about Mercy

Clock hands pointing to the words Time to Heal

We live in a society torn apart by anger and division. We listen to the words of politicians as if they are enemies. We doubt the ability of anyone, except ourselves naturally, to repent. We call vengeance by another name, pretending it to be justice. We admit the world is sick, but they are the…

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Share the Secret

A boy whispering secrets to another boy

There is a saying that really disturbs me. People say, “The Orthodox Church is the best kept secret.” If this is true, it is quite unfortunate. A secret is something that should be kept private. The Church is the Body of Christ and has come for all. It is time to share the secret. The…

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Foreknowledge of God

Knowledge written in a book in bold letter

We like to say that God knows everything. Yet, we still try to hide from Him. We like to say that God already knows what we are going to do. Yet, we still act as if our sins are secret. We like to say that God is all knowable. Yet, we still live as if…

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Nothing Worth Anything is Easy

A Man Cutting A Branch Of a Plant With A Cutter

Whether it is going to the fitness center for a good workout, or studying for the bar exam, we can all agree that hard work is part of success. We often don’t value what is easy. There is no sense of accomplishment when something comes too easy for us. So, why do we think our…

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