The Blood of Christ

Among the differences between Christians is the understanding of salvation. Some believe ‘once saved always saved’. Others believe that salvation is by grace alone. Still others believe that salvation must be earned. One thing is consistent. Salvation requires the Blood of Christ, but we can’t seem to agree on what that means. Brethren, we have…

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You Are In the Father

The Pinnacle Church

Yesterday the Church celebrated the Feast of Ascension, the day which commemorates Christ’s glorious return to His Throne in Heaven. Here’s the deal that most Christians do not consider. If we are baptized into Christ, and become united to Christ, then we too are on the Throne of God with Christ. It doesn’t mean that…

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Genuine Repentance

Christ is Risen! It has been a long-time source of frustration for me. I watch from a distance on TV news. Politicians along with their respective detractors accusing each other of being fake. Policies change with the wind for the sake of garnering votes. Statements are retracted after receiving ‘bad press’ only to be reworded…

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Orthodox Bucket List

Whats On Your Bucket list Written On Front OF A Notebook

Christ is Risen! The other day I saw a meme about aging. It said something to the effect of, “With age every day becomes more urgent to get right with God.” I laughed, because today we normally associate fewer days ‘left’ in life as fewer days to have fun. We are encouraged to have bucket…

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2023 Daily Lenten Journey – Day 5

A golden abstract artwork of the Jesus

As we approach the end of the first week of Great Lent, we reach a shift in the story of our beginnings. It was just last Sunday that the Church reminded us of the story in today’s reading from Genesis. Today, we learn what happens when we turn out back on God. The man gave…

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Armor is for Battle

A metal helmet kept on a ground

A dangerous trend exists among many Christians, too many. Many mistakenly think that if we believe in Jesus Christ as God, then we will forever be comforted. The so-called ‘prosperity gospel’ goes so far as to suggest that God wants all believers to be rich. Rich or poor, the idea that Christians don’t have to…

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Episode 378 – The Physical Touch of God

Rev. Fr. Athanasios Haros

As God revealed in the miracle at Nain as described in Luke 7.11-16, God has chosen to come and visit His people with His own body. With His physical touch, Christ brought the son of the widow back to life. We are the temple of the Living God because God has visited His people. Through…

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A Single Book is Never Enough

The Bible with praying beads on a table

As I wrote in “Our Own Church” yesterday, there are many other things that are not included in the Scriptures. We simply cannot limit our experience of God to one book, even if that book is the Bible. It doesn’t make everything true. In the same token it doesn’t make everything false. There must some…

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Love Defeats Fear

A beautiful view of the mountains

When the time came for Jesus to be crucified only one of His disciples remained until the very end. This disciple had been with Him from the beginning and never waivered in his love for Christ. He is the only one of the Twelve that did not die a martyr’s death. He cared for the…

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