What Happens to One Happens to All

All hands united together

It is easy to look at the persecution of others from a distance and be thankful we are not the ones being beaten and tortured. It is easy to hear about abuse of Christians in a distant country and be thankful we can freely walk the streets of our nation proclaiming our faith in Christ.…

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Holiness Extends Beyond the Grave

Different tombstones at a graveyard

Last week was the annual National March for Life in Washington, DC. Huge crowds gathered in our nation’s capital, including Orthodox Christian Clergy, to defend the rights of the unborn in our society. Abortion, though ‘a little less legal’ since the reversal of Roe v. Wade, is still on the minds of too many people.…

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Sent by God but Commissioned by the Church

A page description from the Bible

We are taught to read the Holy Scriptures as God speaking directly to our hearts, and we should. What makes this difficult, and at times spiritually dangerous, is when we read into what we hear. When we hear about God speaking directly to the Saints, we think He also speaks directly to us. If God…

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Love is Interactive

Different people making a heart figure

Human beings are created in the image of God, a community of love. That means, in order to be truly human, we must be a community of love. Love cannot exist in isolation. We need someone to love, and someone needs to love us. Love requires a reciprocal relationship. When love is turned within toward…

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The Unforgiveable Sin

Forgiveness engraved on wet sand

We’ve all heard about the unforgiveable sin against the Holy Spirit, but do you know what that sin is? Meriam-Webster defines ‘blasphemy’ as “the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God.” I wonder sometimes if it is even possible for a believer to show contempt for God. We get angry…

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Do this or Else

The word Persecute focused on a page

It reads like a modern-day version of the ancient martyr stories. I won’t champion one news agency over another, so do yourself a favor and google Ivan Provorov and his refusal to wear a pride jersey at a recent hockey game. You will find stories which read like the ancient synaxarion. “Wear this jersey or…

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Choosing Comfort over God

Two signboards of different colors

We live in the most advanced, wealthiest, and most would say the most comfortable nation in the world. It is often said the poorest of the poor in America and better off than in most other countries. Our nation has been blessed, there is no doubt. Living in such a comfortable society has its advantages…

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Holiness by Osmosis

A metal chain breaking due to overheating

I must have heard a thousand times when I was young. “You can’t learn algebra by osmosis.”  “Don’t expect to put the book under your pillow at night an learn history by osmosis.” As much as I tried, it never worked. I was forced to ‘do the work’ and study. Some people think you can’t…

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Armor is for Battle

A metal helmet kept on a ground

A dangerous trend exists among many Christians, too many. Many mistakenly think that if we believe in Jesus Christ as God, then we will forever be comforted. The so-called ‘prosperity gospel’ goes so far as to suggest that God wants all believers to be rich. Rich or poor, the idea that Christians don’t have to…

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