Be Kind to Enemies

We ‘know’ it to be true. God commanded that we love our enemies. We also know this to be true. It can be really difficult to be kind to our enemies. We can love them by praying for them, but being kind to them requires a serious devotion to God that I’m afraid many of us just don’t have today.

Today is the commemoration of Saint Pachomius. He was from Egypt and converted to Christianity ‘just because’ he witnessed the love and kindness of Christians toward their enemies. The kindness he witnessed from Christians not only caused his conversion, but it also changed his entire way of life. He is considered the founder of Egyptian monasticism.

Today we think it is blogs and YouTube sermons that convert people to Christ. Of course, we at Be Transfigured Ministries use both to help people Live A New Life In Christ. We also understand that conversion comes from having a relationship with real human beings outside of cyberspace.

There were no blogs, YouTube channels, or even TV commercials for Pachomius to learn about Christ. He learned first by experiencing kindness. Then, he asked why they were being so kind. He lived in a world much like we do today. Enemies were not to be trusted. Enemies were to be captured and killed. Enemies were to be exiled. He experienced none of this from Christians.

Unfortunately, today we spend more time as ‘keyboard warriors for Christ’ rather than living with love and kindness. We spend more time rubbing our freedom in our enemies noses rather than showing them we love them. I wonder how we would act if we were thrown in prison because of our faith. I dread to think how angry and violent we would be.

Anger and violence are not the way to win souls for Christ. It is the opposite of what our society acts out today. Instead of cancelling our enemies, we should make sure their needs are met. Instead of protesting in anger, we should be showing them kindness.

Being kind does not mean we endorse any non-Christian behavior. It means we are kind when we interact with them. Rather than yelling at them, we speak with them. Instead of pushing them aside, we sit with them. It is what converted pagans to Christ. It worked before and it will work again.

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  1. Connor on May 15, 2023 at 1:20 pm

    St Pachomius had seven thousand disciples because of his kindness and actions influenced by our Lord. Such a great light and witness to the truth and love of Christ!

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